SharePrints How-Tos

A video guide to using SharePrints.

Creating Galleries

SharePrints makes it easy to create galleries from anyplace on your WordPress site. This how-to video shows how you can create galleries directly from a page or post edit screen without having to refresh or open a new browser window.

Adding Galleries to Pages or Posts

Say goodbye to shortcodes! SharePrints was designed to look and feel like a natural part of WordPress. This how-to video shows how to add galleries to a page or post, and how visual shortcodes make working with galleries in the WordPress editor simple.

Editing Galleries

SharePrints is all about smart workflow. Making changes to a gallery can be done directly from the page or post it’s on! This how-to video shows how you can edit galleries from a page or post edit screen without having to refresh or open a new browser window.

Editing Gallery Images

Do you want to add or edit an image’s title, caption, description or alt text? You could search through your entire media library until you find the image, but that’s a pain. This how-to video shows how you can edit gallery images directly from a page or post edit screen without having to refresh or open a new browser window.

Customizing Gallery Settings

With powerful settings that are easy to understand, SharePrints makes it nearly impossible to produce bad results. This how-to video explains the various gallery settings you can use to customize the look and feel of your galleries.

Customizing Lightbox Settings

The SharePrints lightbox is a powerful tool that allows your visitors to interact with your content in new and interesting ways. This how-to video explains the various lightbox settings you can use to customize the look and feel of the lightbox.

Saving and Loading Custom Settings

SharePrints utilizes smart workflows. A great example is the ability to save and load gallery and lightbox settings. Saved settings make it easy to achieve a consistent, custom appearance across multiple galleries. This how-to video shows how you can save, load, and update your favorite settings.

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