About Freak Plugins

Our  Story

Freak Plugins is the marriage of two different minds; we’re one part developer and one part marketer. After working on WordPress projects for clients across many industries we came together to create Freak Plugins with one simple goal: make powerful WordPress plugins that are easy to use.

We will reach that goal by serving two audiences:

  • Web developers and businesses that want to be able to customize plugins.
  • Bloggers and entrepreneurs that want professional results without a lot of time or advanced customization required.

When we started building SharePrints, we wanted people to be able to create, insert and publish beautiful responsive image galleries. We spent countless hours optimizing the workflow so that this could be done quickly, without programming knowledge. Then, we tested the product with popular plugins, themes, and hosting providers to ensure stability. Finally, we enlisted the help of photographers, entrepreneurs and developers to get feedback and further optimize the product before releasing it for sale.

This same dedication to design, architecture, and user productivity will be used in all of our plugins and add ons we create in the future.

The Freak Plugins Way

Take leaps, not steps.

We don’t offer products that are marginally better than existing solutions. We spend countless hours researching, developing, and designing products that offer major advancements in technology, workflow, and user experience.

Be powerful, not complicated.

We realize that offering too many options will overwhelm even the most advanced user. With that in mind, we are building plugins with smart logic that take care of the little things for you.

Be fast, not reckless.

We take load times seriously. They cost you time and money! We design our plugins to be lightweight and optimized. They only load when they are needed on the page, including administrative pages.

Make friends, not enemies.

We’ve designed our business around the following principles:

  • Security and transparency are critical for success.
  • Proper documentation keeps customers happy.